Who We Are
We are a globally-connected community of experts, working together to imagine and enact what is possible for people and the world.
One Team
We work across our businesses to accelerate the discovery and creation of new digital products and services at a faster pace than ever experienced.
United technologies logo
CCS Digital
We promote safer, smarter, and more sustainable buildings with the latest technology in safety, security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration
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Corporate Digital
Using our domain expertise, data and digital capabilities, we are helping shape the future of our industries and deliver outcomes that matter to people.
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OTIS Digital
Our elevators have been safely moving billions of people for over 160 years, and we continue to evolve our capabilities to serve each and every passenger.
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P&W Digital
We apply our digital expertise to lead in designing, manufacturing, and servicing aircraft engines and auxiliary power units around the world.
United technologies aerospace system
UTAS Digital
We develop and deliver ideas to shape the future of flight—making it more intelligent, integrated, and electric than ever before.
five core values
Five Core Values
Everything we do comes back to the values that are fundamental to our mission and intrinsic to our organization.
Meet Our People
Team member
Meet Melodie
UTC Climate, Controls & Security
Having held senior positions at globally-renowned organizations, Melodie has joined us as a Senior Manager of Product Management at UT Digital in Brooklyn.
Team member
Meet Ruth
P&W Digital
Recently celebrating her 15-year anniversary at P&W, Ruth is working on improving and modernizing our business systems and embracing a more agile culture.
Team member
Meet Ravi
Pratt and Whitney
Ravi helps us enact change by integrating crucial new components into our business systems, such as our enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.
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