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Meet the Systems Architect Helping Build a Better OS for Otis
UT Digital Communications
July 24 ,2018

Growing up in the southern Indian state of Kerala, Ravi Raghu took an early interest in computers. Though the internet as we know it was still decades away, he was captivated by early puzzle games that tested creativity and patience in ways that didn't exist in the analog world. Those hours spent in front of a computer screen, while other kids his age pursued more typical hobbies, would prove to be formative.

After high school, he breezed through bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science at Manonmaniam Sundaranar University before landing an internship at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, a government-funded R&D lab. From there, he moved on to his first job in the U.S., a consulting role for a company called Technosoft. It was there that Raghu first tried his hand at systems architecture — the tying together of various software and hardware elements to achieve something new.

Over the next decade, Raghu would develop fluencies in everything from Enterprise architecture integrations, data governance data warehousing, to program/project management, amassing a wealth of technical and management expertise culminating in his hiring at UTC, where he's been since 2006. His work at UTC spans divisions, beginning with Hamilton Sundstrand (now Aerospace systems) and leading up to his current role as an associate director of enterprise systems at Otis's headquarters in Farmington, CT. Across all these positions, Raghu has sought to lead change.

“I like to be at the center of change. That's what I love doing — putting things together, building out a prototype, and then making it grow to scale to the enterprise,” he said.

Raghu's current role revolves around integrating new components into the company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which he describes as the operating system on which Otis runs. It encompasses core functions like finance, inventory management and manufacturing. His work was recently recognized during the Q2 2018 UT Digital town hall led by SVP & Chief Digital Officer UT Digital, Vince Campisi.

"It was a great feeling being recognized that way across UTC. It's a big win for our company and a big win for me personally It's essentially the company saying, 'you did a great thing here. This is the culture we want you to continue fostering.' It really reinforces the fact that the company is focused on driving change,” Raghu said. “I'm glad that UTC is not waiting to be disrupted from the outside. They are internally disrupting and changing the culture very quickly. That's why I love being here.”

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